Electrical propulsion systems for the marine sector have long been used to supply cost-efficient power with reduced environmental pollution. They provide the primary propulsion and power for maneuverability and supply ship service loads.

Naval vessels, cruise liners, container vessels, offshore oil & gas vessels, down to smaller research watercraft benefit from electrical propulsion systems.

TMC Transformers supplies marine converter transformers, distribution transformers and reactors for the applications above, and everything is custom designed for the specific project requirements, with both cast resin and vacuum impregnated construction.

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TMC produces machines that can withstand harsh environmental conditions:

  • environments with low temperatures.
  • Hostile climate zones.
  • Exposure to salt water.

A closed-circuit cooling system using non-ventilated enclosures with different protection classes (NEMA rating), together with air to water heat exchangers cooling technology to dissipate the losses provide protection from the harsh marine environment.