New electric mobility is a key part of today’s societies. Its constant, quick development has brought improvements to the entire rail sector. Examples include conventional trains, high-speed trains, subways, or light rail.

TMC supplies a broad array of dry type transformers for fixed rail traction electrical substations:

  • traction transformers.
  • Medium voltage distribution transformers for auxiliary services.
  • Low voltage transformers and reactors.

All these products rely on dry type technology and different technologies available, such as cast resin and VPI. The machines are available in several thermal insulation classes: 155, 180 and 220.

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At TMC, we design transformers in compliance with all international standards, following rigorous criteria and validating each design using finite element analysis for both the electrical and mechanical parts.

We have successfully carried out short-circuit tests on traction transformers for 12 pulses and powers of 3880kVA and 4400kVA with 200kV BIL insulation levels.