The global market for dry type transformers is extremely broad and diverse, while focusing mainly on specific and highly specialized applications that demand reliable, safe, and efficient equipment.

While the design and manufacture of standard distribution transformers is straightforward and often perceived as a commodity in the marketplace, a totally different approach must be taken when specifying transformers for critical applications, particularly harmonic loads (power conversion, rectifier duty, excitation applications, etc.).

These demanding applications, often in safety-critical and harsh environments, require transformers that are carefully and competently engineered. The actual thermal overloads must be considered to allow for optimum performance when connected to loads that are subjected to harmonic distortion or with continuous and or temporary overloads.

Such applications require dry type multipulse transformers that are engineered, manufactured and tested by trusted partners with a high degree of competence and experience in this field.


  • In-house FEA Analysis using highly advanced software to accurately process and simulate physical effects within the equipment, providing customers with a fully-optimized and robust solution that eliminates premature transformer failures.
  • From small power/LV up to power ratings of 25MVA and 52kV system voltage.
  • Cast Resin or VPI technology.
  • Aluminium or copper conductors.
  • A wide range of cooling options (AN, AF, AFAF, AFWF).
  • Enclosure from IP21 to IP67.
  • Stand-alone or integrated solutions.

Our innovation, experience and advanced technology allow us to offer the following benefits:

  • Flexible options that are tailored to suit specific customer requirements.
  • The combination of FEA simulations and our advanced skills and experience results in a fully optimized solution that prevents premature degradation within the insulation system.
  • Reaching the specified design lifetime under arduous operating and environmental conditions.
  • High performance while operating in systems with high harmonic content, managing overheating problems or insulation degradation.
  • Operating in a competitive environment, TMC Transformers aims to stand out from the others, approaching each proposal and design with proactive engineering research and advanced technology, allowing us to meet customer demands for innovation, reliability, and product safety.


  • Industry and mining: steel production, paper mills, cement plants, water treatment pumping stations.
  • Marine: main propulsion, bow thrusters.
  • Oil & gas: pumps, compressors.
  • Traction: track side supply main line, metros, trams.
  • Power Generation: excitation.