TMC Transformers produces dry type transformers and reactors for any application around the world, including industry, building and infrastructure, traction substations, marine and offshore, oil and gas, renewable energy, battery storage, mining, and data centers.

TMC has a large clientele, which has led to the development of various custom solutions for dry transformers. We have developed transformers for indoor and outdoor installation in creative projects capable of reaching operating temperatures of -50°C and incorporating different cooling systems (natural air, forced with exchangers, air-water or air-air).

TMC invests heavily in research and development. Dry transformers continue to evolve with the development of new materials, resins, types of insulation, and cooling systems.

Our team of technical experts—electrical and mechanical engineers—make new developments and solutions possible for our customers.

With finite element analysis, we ensure the highest quality products to withstand short-circuit mechanical stresses and maintain operational reliability.

The IEEE T&D Exhibition in New Orleans – April 25–28, 2022 – is an opportunity for professionals in the energy sector to interact and explore the ideas driving change in the industry. At the trade show, TMC will be promoting solutions and equipment in electrical transmission and distribution.

TMC’s participation is focused on dry type submersible network transformers suitable for use in underground vaults under sidewalks in densely populated cities. These vaults may flood in the event of heavy rain, so the transformers are located inside completely sealed tanks. Dry type submersible network transformers do not contain oil, preventing the risk of fire in cities. The tanks are fully welded and supplied with an external tap changer to facilitate voltage regulation depending on network needs. The footprint is similar to liquid-filled units, so they can be easily interchanged.

Grid transformers are ideal for supplying and distributing energy in infrastructure projects designed for high efficiency and fire safety. The insulation system is flame retardant and self-extinguishing, making them a safe and reliable choice compared to liquid fluid-filled transformers.

At the fair, TMC plans to promote the network transformers its R&D team has developed, interact with customers, share experiences, and advise customers on TMC’s full range of solutions and products related to dry transformers.