TMC Transformers products are realized for distribution and special applications: two very different souls combined together under a single roof, to offer to our customers the most suitable technology and service. The company is mainly working on dry type transformers and reactors for all the applications worldwide. We are talking about industry, simple distribution for building and infrastructures, traction substations, marine and offshore, oil and gas, renewable energy, battery storage, mining, data center, power plants, e-mobility.

The most innovative development concerns outdoor transformers where we introduced new ways to protect the transformers and innovative solution to cool it down. We can now deliver a proper solution for any specific ambient challenging the most polluted, humid or aggressive environment. As an example of this new innovation, we have recently done, on one side, an installation in a mine in the middle of the desert ,and on the other side, one in very snowy and cold area, close to the Arctic Circle.

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