Transformers market

Dry type transformers are experiencing a positive market trend, with new applications growing and demanding this technology.
As a green technology, dry type transformers, especially those utilizing a cast-resin coil design, are much more ecologically friendly than their liquid-filled counterparts. Cast-resin coil transformers are also very robust, standing up well in harsh environments which enables them to be utilized in outdoor applications typically served by liquid-filled solutions in the past.

Unlike liquid-filled transformers, dry-type units do not use hazardous substances. In fact, due to their non-flammable nature, they can be widely used in applications in restricted spaces or areas with a substantial risk of fire hazards, such as underground tunnels, mines, chemical plants, offshore platforms, and densely populated urban centers. Furthermore, in line with the green transition, several markets are paying more attention to the efficiency of the product with low losses, leading to CO2 emission reductions .

In the United States, the dry type transformer market has witnessed significant growth in recent years, driven by several market factors, including exponential growth in the data center market and IT infrastructure, electric vehicle charging equipment (EVCE) infrastructure, the electrification of major rail lines, and the strong push toward renewable and sustainable energy sources utilizing Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS).

TMC Transformers USA

Active in the dry-type transformer market, TMC Transformers USA was born in 2022 from the expertise of TMC
Transformers SpA: a European company with global presence and many decades of experience, specialized in the design and manufacturing of medium and low voltage innovative transformers suitable for distribution and many other applications. These tailor-made solutions differentiate themselves from the more traditional liquid immersed type, because of constructive, operative, and maintenance key features.

TMC’s success in the market to-date has far exceeded expectations prompting the organization to open a US-based headquarters and manufacturing facility in Waynesboro, GA in 2023. This milestone demonstrates TMC’s commitment to the US market by directly investing assets to strategically build an infrastructure to serve it along with all of North America, and its commercial reach and partnerships will be a key contributor in the ever-expanding “World of Transformers”.