TMC Technology for maximum efficiency

Leader in the manufacture of medium and low voltage dry-type transformers and reactors, TMC Transformers is a dynamic European company with a global reach. The company designs and produces a wide range of innovative solutions, using the latest advances in cast resin and VPI technologies to optimise performance and cater all needs.

All products and services are available in standard ranges and tailor-made versions, perfect for both distribution and special applications. These two aspects together allow TMC to offer customers around the world the best service they possibly need.

Among the different possibilities of applications such as industry, building and infrastructures, traction substations, marine and offshore, oil and gas, renewable energy, battery storage and mining, the company is highly specialised on dry-type transformers for data centers, an increasingly expanding sector.

The beating heart of the digital economy

Data Centers may vary according to their use and application, but they surely represent an essential asset for businesses. Especially in today’s world, where millions of devices are connected to the internet worldwide and information runs at lightning speed. Massive flows of data are stored and controlled daily and we will keep storing more and more data in the future.

Within this scenario, TMC strives for greater efficiency and offers reliable solutions that can provide opportunities for mutual business growth and expansion.

‘In today’s world, where information systems represent an essential tool for any business, data centers have become the key to phenomenal growth.’

TMC Transformers offers all its knowledge, expertise, and experienced engineers to help data centers operators work more efficiently. Whatever need you may have, it can be overcome with our extensive range of MV and LV dry-type transformers for data centers use, complying with technical specifications and applicable standards.

Data Centers applications for different needs

Data centers are highly demanding applications that require specific characteristics. There are indeed many crucial factors to consider in order to cope with the challenges of such a demanding power system. Load characteristics (non-linear loads with high harmonic content), transient voltages (frequent switching), lack of space, noise control and management of leakage currents are just some essential aspects to take into account.

What TMC ensures is increased safety, functionality and reliability with different solutions that can be customised to meet customer demands.

Our units are highly-robust, environmentally sustainable and maintenance free.

TMC Transformers portfolio includes:

  • climatic classification to E4-C5-F1, transformers which are resistant to harsh environmental conditions (condensation or heavy pollution), extreme temperatures (the transformer guarantees performance to -60°C storage and -50°C ambient temperatures) and fires (the emission of toxic substances and opaque smokes shall be minimised).
  • Advanced resin insulation systems.
  • K-Factor design to K-13.
  • Electro-static screens.
  • Enclosed solutions to NEMA13.
  • Advanced noise/vibration and surge suppression.