TMC Transformers Mining Industry

TMC Transformers is a global leader in dry-type transformers with a longstanding commitment to designing and building quality and correct transformers for the mining industry. Thanks to over thirty years of transformer experience, TMC transformers are designed in compliance with applicable standards, technical specifications and customer requirements.

The Mining Transformers Industry & The Relevancy of TMC Transformers at a Glance

Highly reliable mining transformers are essential for the mining industry to guarantee production and prevent profit losses. The transformers mining industry needs mechanically and electronically robust equipment to withstand extreme environmental conditions like high and low temperatures and dust. The last thing you want is outages or breakdowns during extraction or processing, and with TMC mining transformers, you can rest easy whether you’re mining in the middle of the desert or in snowy and cold areas.

Features of TMC Mining Transformers – Compliance & Innovation Are at Our Core!

  • An Impressive Foray of Full Certifications

TMC transformers are designed according to all international transformers mining industry standards, including IEC, IEEE, ANSI, CSA, and UL. Both mechanical and electrical parts are short-circuit tested and validated through rigorous criteria like finite element analysis (FEA).

  • Environmentally Friendly Solutions

TMC strives to reduce waste and create low environmental impact mining transformers. Dry type transformers are a green technology that is recyclable and highly efficient to ensure high energy savings corresponding to reduced carbon emissions. Eco-friendly solutions like heat exchanger solutions and natural air cooling instead of oil solutions provide low emissions and losses.

  • High Levels of Protection

TMC mining transformers can reach different levels of protection, including totally enclosed solutions from IP00 to IP68, ensuring protection from total dust ingress. You’re guaranteed high reliability in all kinds of challenging environments and applications. Thanks to different types of protection, you can install the mining transformers directly outdoors, in mine tunnels or pressurized substations.

  • Maintenance Free

TMC mining transformers are suitably protected from harsh conditions and atmospheric agents, making them maintenance-free and flexible for use in extreme environments. You don’t have to worry about maintenance stoppages during mining operations, whether in highly polluted areas or very low temperatures.

The dry-type mining transformers from TMC are ideal for all kinds of applications worldwide, whether you’re mining metallic ores, diamonds, coal or oil.

Check out the TMC extensive portfolio for highly reliable, eco-friendly, safe and maintenance-free transformers that adhere to standards in the transformers mining industry that can be customized to your needs and requirements.