TMC Transformers S.p.A. is a leader in the production of medium and low voltage dry-type transformers for special applications such as drives, railroad vehicles, offshore, mining, renewable energy, and oil & gas. Through its German headquarters in Frankfurt, it has announced the full acquisition of the Power Transformers branch of RITZ Instrument Transformers GmbH.

This significant strategic investment will allow TMC to:

  • expand its range of special transformers;
  • meet the needs of rapidly growing markets and applications.

In addition to the know-how and different technologies transferred from RITZ, with great benefits for the company and its customers, TMC has also signed a commercial cooperation agreement with RITZ Group. Through this strategic partnership, TMC Transformers will strengthen its business and expertise, as well as the company’s international standing and range of products.

The acquisition of RITZ follows those of Marnate Transformers, Officine Tironi, and the imminent opening of the new TMC Low Voltage plant in Fabro.


RITZ is a global leader in the production of measurement transformers, cast resin parts, busbars with cast resin insulation, and power transformers. RITZ has more than seven production sites in Europe, China, and the United States. Its customers include well-known international companies in the field of energy supply and electronics.

With the introduction of RITZ Transformers technology involving the extensive use of fiberglass, class H casting resin, special conductors, and UL certification, duly combined with current experience, TMC will be able to market advanced solutions, particularly equipment suitable for critical conditions and complex applications.