TMC is invested in optimizing its production processes to reduce waste and emissions by adopting solutions to minimize the environmental impact.

The scope of our process engineering includes:

  • The ongoing search for eco-friendly materials and the use of energy from renewable sources. We have a 5000-square-metre array of solar panels that we installed on the roof of our headquarters in 2020.
TMC sustainability
  • Producing transformers made with recyclable or recycled materials.
    We are currently defining the Life Cycle Assessment and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification of our transformers. These green statements will allow us to certify our commitment to the environment.
  • Reducing and recovering waste.
    90% percent of the waste we produc
    e (mixed waste, wood packaging and plastics) are recovered by third-party companies. We are also developing a chemical process to recover the resins used in production.
  • Actively encouraging partners to adopt our code of ethics. We are committed to developing products and solutions that comply with directives, guaranteeing certified origins, restricting the use of certain dangerous substances, including electrical and electronic equipment, and/or substances prohibited.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

TMC adheres to the 2011-14 EU strategy relating to Corporate Social Responsibility.

We therefore respect the principles of the SA8000 guidelines, protecting workers’ rights and interpersonal relationships between in the company. We also use raw materials that do not come from areas of conflict or exploitation.

We have recently appointed a​ Corporate Mobility Manager. ​With the support of municipal institutions, this person supports a sustainable home-work mobility plan to discourage the use of private cars, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

TMC Transformers - Reducing and recovering waste
Reducing and recovering waste
TMC Transformers - Plastic Free
Plastic free
TMC Transformers - Renewable energy
Renewable energy
TMC Transformers - Green Mobility
Green Mobility
TMC Transformers - Volounteering
TMC Transformers - Social engagement
Social engagement @ pediatric wards