A reactor, also called an inductor or choke, is a passive component that stores energy in a magnetic field when an electrical current passes through it.

Reactors are important elements in power electronics circuits:

  • reactive power compensation.
  • Harmonic filters.
  • Short-circuit limitation.
  • Motor start-up.
  • Neutral points.
  • Interphase reactors.

VPI reactors are typically used in both low and medium voltage applications (to 46kV system voltage). TMC develops and manufactures reactors with iron cores, as well as reactors with air cores or shells.

We can also produce cast reactors for specific and particular projects, above all when the required voltage is very high.

Either copper or aluminum windings may be used, while the cooling technologies can be AA, FA, AA/FA, air to water heat exchanger, air to air heat exchanger, water direct and water indirect.

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